Office Etiquette

Office Etiquette from the Conference Room to the Company Kitchen
Presentation by Lydia Ramsey

“What are you doing in my cubicle?”

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Every day, your employees deal with issues facing any close-knit family: personal space, sharing, kitchen privileges, cleaning up after themselves, and more. Leaving the copy machine without any paper is much the same as leaving the cap off the toothpaste tube. It’s not the big issues, but little courtesies (or lack of them) that keep your team running smoothly…or send them over the edge into resentments, conflicts, and all-out feuds. Meanwhile, productivity plummets. Help keep your team running smoothly and take morale to an all-time high.  This is manners with a whole new twist.

Topics include how to:

  • Be at your best for guests
  • Treat your co-workers with respect
  • Get along with people you don’t like
  • Build relationships for the good of the business
  • Deal with gossip and rumors
  • React to office romances
  • Win the frig wars—manners of the office kitchen
  • Live in a cubicle world
  • Work with a bossy boss
  • Deal with difficult people and situations without losing your cool

What Clients have to say…

“Hi Lydia,
I know a handwritten note would be better, but alas… I am sending a quick email instead to let you know how much we appreciated your time and your skills this week. You are wonderful to work with and you do a great job. We’ve already had many positive comments from participants. Plus – the Networking CD’s were the icing on the cake! Thanks from all of us here at HRD!”
Personally, it was a pleasure to see you and to get to squeeze in a little time to chat. I love hearing about your experiences and your world travels.”
–Teri Taylor Norris
SCVRD Training Coordinator

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