The Vanishing Thank You Note

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A video clip from CBS News prompted me to call attention to the value of the thank you note. I have written about this topic before, but I feel I can’t stress it enough. It’s good business and it’s good etiquette.

When was the last time you wrote a note to thank someone for something they had given you or done for you? Most of you reading this probably can’t remember. Those of you who can answer positively and even document when and to whom you wrote a note of appreciation are a rare breed. The thank you note is sadly vanishing. Yet a few handwritten words of gratitude can do more for your business and personal relationships than you can imagine. Expressing your appreciation takes very little time, effort and few supplies. It will bring you unexpected returns.

Here is all you need to send that note:

  1. A quality note card
  2. A good pen
  3. A supply of stamps
  4. Ten minutes of time

Keep your writing supplies in a convenient place where they are easy to reach. The minute someone does something nice for you, gives you a gift or buys your lunch, you are ready to respond.

Your response does not need to be lengthy. A few sentences constitute a note. Just be sure you mention the gift or the action specifically, how you will use the item or how the act affected you.

Poor handwriting is not an excuse. The person who receives the note will be so impressed at your effort that they will not grade your penmanship.

Start writing notes as a business tactic. Then sit back and watch the results of adding the polish that builds profits.

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